Schneeberg adventure

Pure mountain adventure

The Schneeberg is one of the oldest tourist destinations in Lower Austria. For over 100 years the Schneeberg train has been climbing cog by cog up the mountainside. In 1897 the Schneeberg was already established as a meeting place for the aristocracy and the common people under the motto "see and be seen".

To combine the old and the new is the aim of the "Panorama Paradise", which opened on 9th July 2011.

You can take a leisurely stroll along the promenade at an altitude of 1800 m. Here you will encounter top-notch culture whatever the weather and savour the view of the Empress Elisabeth church.

The centrepiece is the old mountain railway station, which has been converted into an exhibition area and now hosts the highest gallery in Austria.

Splendid views – of the Hungarian lowlands, Slovakia, the Rax mountains, the Bucklige Welt hills and as far as Styria. There are also benches on which visitors can take a breather. Observe the alpine fauna of the Schneeberg. Restore your inner balance and find peace up amid the silence.

In addition, a panorama trail has been created around the Waxriegel peak. It takes around one hour to complete this new circular trail, which is categorised as "easy".

Hospitality in cosy mountain lodges

Your hosts on the Schneeberg provide wonderful cuisine, pleasure and relaxation in abundance. Treat yourself to a little time out and allow the mountain lodge keepers on the Schneeberg to pamper you.