We strive constantly to ensure that travelling with us is as comfortable as possible. Please book in good time so that we are able to offer you the best possible assistance. Then you will also receive advance information about the facilities at our stations and on our trains and the available services.

Puchberg station (577 m above sea level)

To make it easier to enter and exit Puchberg station, suitable ramps have been manufactured for the Salamander trains. A floor panel provides an even surface in the train, ensuring that a person with restricted mobility in a wheelchair has sufficient space. Our staff will also be happy to help you board and disembark from our trains.

Hochschneeberg mountain station (1800 m above sea level)

Boarding and disembarking is also facilitated by ramps and our staff at Hochschneeberg station. This station is fully accessible.

You can easily enter the Berghaus lodge via a ramp in the souvenir shop.

The paths to the Empress Elisabeth church, the Kaleidoscope and the "VOKA" gallery, the highest in Austria, are even. It should be noted, however, that there is coarse-grained gravel on these paths. The "Panorama Paradise" trail has inclines and also consists of coarse gravel. The Fischerhütte can only be reached by very athletic wheelchair users. It takes around 1.5 hours to walk the trail.

Please note that the paths are only accessible in dry conditions.

Salamander trains

Each of the carriages on our Salamander trains has a ramp and plate insert, a wheelchair space, an emergency intercom and appropriately positioned stop request and door operating buttons. There is one wheelchair space per carriage. Naturally it is possible to transport several passengers with restricted mobility if they are able to take a seat on the train while their wheelchairs are transported in our Salamander baby carriage.

Vintage steam trains

Our vintage steam trains are not fully accessible owing to their age and condition. However, it is possible to travel on these trains if you are able to take a seat and can negotiate two levels independently.


The following toilets are fully accessible:

  • Puchberg station
  • Tourism portal
  • Baumgartner station (1,322 m above sea level)
  • Hochschneeberg station

There are no toilets in the trains.

Your Schneeberg Railway team ‒ We look forward to welcoming you soon!